Renault T480 High

Renault T480 High Tractor

- Maxispace Cabin
- Optidriver gearbox +
- Technically permissible maximal mass: 19000kg (Technique: 21000kg)
- Maximal permissible mass of the set: 44000 kg (Technique: 50000kg)
- Tare: 7600kg
- Tires: 315 / 70R22.5


- Use of tires
- Maintenance, repairs and troubleshooting
- Insurance

- Omnium Franchise: € 1500,00
- Franchise R.C .: € 250,00
- Return with full tanks (Diesel and Adblue)
- Completely cleaned interior and exterior

Mileage for trucks:

As of 1 April 2016, all vehicles with a GVWR greater than 3500kg are subject to mileage tax in order to use certain roads. Garage Antoine will charge the costs of this tax to the landlord. Each Garage Antoine truck is equipped with an OBU. At the time of departure, the driver must be aware that the green light is on the OBU, this is the signal that the OBU is activated. For the Netherlands and Luxembourg, the lessee must purchase a Eurovignette at the border.

Weight regulation:

As the maximum admissible mass, the permissible masses under the axles can also be controlled. It is advisable to pay attention to the correct loading of the truck and trailer.